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DVR specification

4/8/16 720p /4ch/8ch/16 ch 720p series

Real time 4ch/8ch/16 ch 720p HD DVR .4CH /8 CH/16CH 720P real time HD DVR 1.3MP,SUPPORT 1.3mp HD STANDARD BNC connector SUPPORT standard HD BNC ,interface ,SUPPORT High definition video signal encoding ,storage ,playback and transmission SUPPORT,HD Video signal recording ,Storage, playback and transport. The system is less than 100ms latency, low latency , real time HD video image processing algorithm, Low latency system is favour of real time HD video image processing .


Model                                                                               TW4/8/16 CHANNEL

Compressing /format                                                                      h.264/standard

Operating  system/operation                                                       embedded LINUX /LINUX

Image coding control                                                        image encoding quality can be adjusted, variable stream and limited

                                                                                                                 stream optional image

dual stream                                                                                        Each channel can be set up individual

monitor image quality                                                                     720p (1280 x 720)

image motion                                                                                     detection image dynamic

video frame rate                                                                               720p,25fps/ch(PAL)30fpc/ch (NTSC)

image play back quality                                                                720p total :100 fps(4 ch/8/16)

video mode                                                                                        SUPPORT manual/automatic/dynamic/monitoring/alarm/trigger alarm

Back up mode                                                                                   usb flash memory/network storage

Operation /operate mode                                                              mouse/remote control/remote control bottom/front panel control

log on locally/login locally                                                 user name admin password

save recording video                                                       local HDD/network local HDD/network

video input                                                                                          720p @25/30fpc- support 50/60fpc

audio input                                                                                         1RCA/1RCA/4RCA

video out put                                                                                      1 VGA/1hdmi

audio out put                                                                                     1 RCA

network interface                                                                             1 rg45,10m/100m

usb interface /usb connect port                                         2 usb /2.0 Port 2 x usb 2.0

RS485                                                                                                  available x1

alarm input                                                                                          n/a-8 in -16 in

alarm out put                                                                                      n/a

HDD                                                                                                     1 SATA HDD/1 SATA HDD/2 SATA HDD, Maximum 3TB each HDD

Mobile app support                                                                         windows mobile/IPAD/IPHONE/Android

Power                                                                                                   12v 3a/12v 3a/12v 4a

Operating temperature                                                                  -10 c +55c

Weight                                                                                                 Less than 3 kg