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 Q: When turned on, the DVR does not start


 Possible causes: an incorrect input power switching power line contact to switching power supply to upgrade the hard disk is damaged or the hard disk error ,issue Front panel fault line , DVR bad motherboard


 Q: DVR will reboot automatically start after a few minutes or frequent crashes


 Possible causes: an input voltage instability or low two hard disk has bad sectors or bad switching power supply line power is not enough or front-end video signal instability five improper cooling, too much dust , the machine is running environment is too harsh or DVR hardware failure


 Q: Can not find hard drive after start up


 Possible causes: a hard disk drive power cable not connected two cables bad or motherboard SATA hard disk bad mouth.

 Q: Single, multi-channel , all video no output


 Possible causes: a program does not match the correct procedure two re-upgrade image brightness have become or, restore the default settings or video input signal set with no or weak channel protection ( or screen saver ) or DVR hardware failure


Q: real-time image problems, such as video image colour, brightness and serious distortion


 Possible causes: one to do with BNC output , N and PAL format selection is not correct, the image becomes black and white DVR and monitor impedance mismatch three video transmission distance is too far or too or video transmission line attenuation DVR color , brightness and other settings are not correct


Q: Local playback video not query



 May cause a hard drive data cable or jumper , Upgrade Error , bad hard drive file system with the original program you want to search or a different program or video has been covered five video does not open.


Q: local query video issue:


 Possible causes: a quality setting too low ,program data read errors , stream shows small, full screen playback mosaic, general machine shut down restart after normal three hard drive data cable and the hard disk failure, jumper Error , machine hardware failure.


Q: No sound monitoring


 Possible Cause : is not active pick up or is not active stereo audio cable or bad DVR hardware failure.

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